KEPServerEX version 6.4 was designed to enhance your data connectivity and improve performance across the plant floor.

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  • New MQTT Client Driver: Consume data from sensor networks and other devices that utilize MQTT and make that aggregated data available to the industrial automation devices and applications you rely on to run your plants efficiently. This is a reliable, highly performant out-of-the-box MQTT to OPC UA translator. 
  • Siemens TCP/IP Ethernet Driver Performance Updates: Access your Siemens S7-400 and S7-1500 controller data and perform read/writes at maximum efficiency, limited only by controller capabilities. You can also now monitor high-fidelity data with high tag counts and high data change rates.
  • Tag Browsing for the CODESYS Ethernet Driver: Query the device, discover the tags available, and import only the tags you need. You currently have tag browsing capability with Kepware’s OPC UA and DA Client drivers; this update enables tag browsing within the CODESYS Ethernet driver, as well. 
  • Store and Forward Capabilities with ThingWorx Native Connectivity: Even in cases of network instability, reliably transmit KEPServerEX data to the ThingWorx® Industrial Innovation platform with no information gaps. KEPServerEX is the only data connectivity platform with native connectivity to ThingWorx, and this new store and forward functionality gives you even more confidence in the reliability of your ThingWorx visualizations, modeling, and analysis. 

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Demo Terms
KEPServerEX will run for two hours at a time. The demo period can be repeated at any time by stopping and starting the application. There are no other limitations to the product. Channel, device, and tag counts are unlimited.

The software demo is fully-functional and runs in a two-hour, time-limited mode until purchased. For detailed technical information and instructions on licensing, please see the License Utility product manual. To access additional licensing resources, visit

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