KEPServerEX version 6.3 was designed to streamline projects, enhance project customization capabilities, and improve performance across the plant floor.

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  • New Keyence KV Ethernet driver: Access seamless, secure, and reliable data exchanged between OPC clients and KEYENCE KV series PLCs using the Host Link communications protocol over both the TCP and UDP transport layers. Connect between KEYENCE KV series PLCs and diverse devices and software applications for real-time read/write connectivity.
  • Enhanced CRUD Functionality for the Configuration API: Load full projects from a mapped file directory, create an object with a child hierarchy in a single transaction, create multiple objects in a single transaction, and remotely trigger saves to any instance of KEPServerEX. Make bulk changes to the configuration and trigger ATG remotely, enabling faster changes on larger projects and more efficient interactions with projects and configurations.
  • Time Sync Functionality for Drivers with EFM Capabilities: Set a custom threshold to ensure no time synchronization occurs unless a specific deviation limit is exceeded, and configure time synchronization to occur only after an EFM poll. Create custom controls for time synchronization without opening up additional communications with the device. Reduce network traffic, easily control when a time synchronization occurs, and reduce the need for human intervention in time synchronization.
  • Remote Project Loading with ThingWorx®: Import a KEPServerEX project from a local file store and push the project down to any connected instance of KEPServerEX. Easily adjust network settings and deploy KEPServerEX projects remotely—while managing all machine instances from a single ThingWorx platform interface.

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Demo Terms
KEPServerEX will run for two hours at a time. The demo period can be repeated at any time by stopping and starting the application. There are no other limitations to the product. Channel, device, and tag counts are unlimited.

The software demo is fully-functional and runs in a two hour, time-limited mode until purchased. For detailed technical information and instructions on licensing, please see the License Utility product manual. To access additional licensing resources, visit


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