Kepware’s Industrial Data Forwarder for Splunk leverages the 150+ communication drivers available with KEPServerEX® to seamlessly stream real-time industrial sensor and machine data directly into the Splunk® software platform for real-time Operational Intelligence. It enables data collection from industrial equipment and supports custom driver tag metadata for simple data enrichment, correlation, and aggregation in Splunk® Enterprise and Splunk Cloud™.

The Industrial Data Forwarder for Splunk can:

  • Stream real-time data from KEPServerEX into Splunk software
  • Collect data from thousands of industrial sensors and machines, including PLCs, RTUs, PACs, DAQs, Controllers, and more
  • Support multiple Splunk connections simultaneously


Please click below to obtain your free demo. The demo software is fully-functional and only limited in its runtime to 2-hour periods. Once you've downloaded KEPServerEX, simply select IDF for Splunk from the drop-down menu to begin.

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Learn More About KEPServerEX and Splunk

KEPServerEX is the industry’s leading communications platform that provides a single source of industrial automation data to all of your applications. The platform design allows users to connect, manage, monitor, and control diverse automation devices and software applications through one intuitive user interface. Learn more about how KEPServerEX can help solve your communications challenges, or browse our library of case studies to view successful applications.

Splunk, Inc. provides the leading platform for Operational Intelligence. Splunk software searches, monitors, analyzes, and visualizes machine-generated big data from websites, applications, servers, networks, sensors and mobile devices. More than 7,400 organizations use Splunk software to deepen business and customer understanding, mitigate cybersecurity risk, improve service performance and reduce costs. To download Splunk Enterprise for free, click here.

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