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Q&A: Breakthrough IIoT Technologies, Security, and More

Posted by Sarah Cloutier

On June 30, Kepware concluded its first installment of the IoT Webinar Series. The series shares breakthrough technology for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and explores a wide range of solutions made possible by integrating KEPServerEX with IoT Alliance member offerings. Use cases and real-world applications ranged from condition-based monitoring and predictive maintenance to machine learning, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), and big data analytics.

Streaming Real-Time SCADA Data into Splunk

Posted by Erik Dellinger

If you are familiar with Splunk, then your first thought may be that they are an Operational Intelligence company gathering Big Data generated from log files within a data center. While this is true, it does not paint the entire picture of Splunk’s efforts around Big Data. Splunk has recently partnered with Kepware to harness data from the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). This blog will discuss some possible benefits of industrial machine data as part of business and operational intelligence strategy. It will also demonstrate the practical applications of the new partnership between Kepware and Splunk.

Polling the Crowd: KEPServerEX Version 5.16 Release Webinar Results

Posted by Candace Letizia

Our recent "KEPServerEX Version 5.16 Release Webinar" toured the new products and enhancements now available in the latest release of our flagship product. To learn more about the webinar and gain access to additional KEPServerEX version 5.16 resources, read our latest infographic below.