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Q&A: OPC UA Native Implementation in KEPServerEX Version 6

Posted by Steve Sponseller

On November 15, 2016, Kepware released KEPServerEX® Version 6. This major update includes native development of core OPC UA technology, which provides improved performance, enhanced diagnostics, and a solid foundation for continued OPC UA functionality enhancements.

To learn more about the OPC UA technology developed for Version 6, please read the Q&A pairs below.

Introducing KEPServerEX Version 6: Enterprise and IoT-Ready

Posted by John Harrington

Kepware is excited to announce the launch of KEPServerEX® Version 6. The first major release since 2009, Version 6 is designed to meet your evolving industrial connectivity needs.

Q&A: Breakthrough IIoT Technologies, Security, and More

Posted by Sarah Cloutier

On June 30, Kepware concluded its first installment of the IoT Webinar Series. The series shares breakthrough technology for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and explores a wide range of solutions made possible by integrating KEPServerEX with IoT Alliance member offerings. Use cases and real-world applications ranged from condition-based monitoring and predictive maintenance to machine learning, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), and big data analytics.

Keep Your Data in the Right Hands

Posted by Tucker Emerson

“With great power, comes great responsibility.”

Although a cheesy quote from a comic book-inspired movie, it is surprisingly relevant to the Automation Industry. As data becomes increasingly valuable, it unfortunately also becomes more vulnerable. From the number of bottles filled in a processing line to the type of soda selected at the movie theater, data is being gathered all around us to provide better analytics and enable improved business decisions. Making sure that this data stays in the appropriate hands can make all the difference.

Havex Targets OPC

Posted by Aron Semle

You may have heard of the new malware on the street targeting Industrial Control Systems called Havex. It isn't the first malware to target our industry (Stuxnet), but there are two things that make it interesting.

First, its primary attack vector is vendor installers. The folks behind Havex compromise vendors’ websites and add “bad” code to the vendor installer (“mbcheck.dll” and “mbcheck.exe”). Customers download the installer and become instantly infected. The Trojan calls to command and control servers, which are really just compromised websites (like blogs). From there, the hackers have free reign to push bad code down to the machine.

How OPC UA Protects Your Data

Posted by Aron Semle

OPC UA was designed with security in mind. One of the key ways OPC UA protects the integrity and confidentially of messages is through message encryption and signing. Although this sounds fancy, the technologies OPC UA uses to achieve this have a direct impact on how end users interact with OPC UA products. This blog describes that technology, and details how to use it to make secure OPC UA connections.

Reimagining Your Remote Communications with a New Distributed Architecture

Posted by Steve Sponseller

Optimizing communications between devices in the field and the centralized applications that need their data is a critical component to the success of a SCADA implementation. The networks that support these communications typically use radios, cellular networks, satellite links, or other types of wireless technology. Due to the bandwidth limitations of these networks, a non-streamlined and inefficient communications solution compromises the network’s ability to acquire and manage data as needed. This blog will discuss a new approach to a communications architecture that simplifies, enhances, and increases the reliability of data collection in a SCADA environment. 

Polling the Crowd: Kepware's KEPServerEX Version 5.12 Webinar Results

Posted by Candace Letizia

View Kepware's latest infographic with feedback from attendees of our KEPServerEX version 5.12 webinar, and discover what your peers have to say about project security. Do you face similar security challenges?

Big or Small, Defense in Depth Remains Vital

Posted by Torey Penrod-Cambra

Today we welcome guest blogger, Greg Hale, to the Kepware Technologies Blog. Greg is the Editor/Founder of Industrial Safety and Security Source, www.ISSSource.com.

There’s no disputing that big companies encounter security threats from cyber attackers every day—but people often forget that small to medium-sized businesses frequently suffer attacks as well.

It is these organizations that need protection most of all. Many fall into a line of thinking that places their company’s size before its value. By questioning their need for protection, and reasoning that they are “just a small company,” they put themselves at risk for trouble.