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Kepware's Top 5 Blog Posts of 2014

Posted by Candace Letizia

This year, we've been committed to providing our customers and partners with insights into our company, products, and industry trends through the Kepware Blog. With 24 blog posts spanning a myriad of topics, I thought it’d be interesting to look back on the year and recap our five most popular posts. Click the image below for the list and links to the blog posts in full.

Polling the Crowd: KEPServerEX Version 5.16 Release Webinar Results

Posted by Candace Letizia

Our recent "KEPServerEX Version 5.16 Release Webinar" toured the new products and enhancements now available in the latest release of our flagship product. To learn more about the webinar and gain access to additional KEPServerEX version 5.16 resources, read our latest infographic below.

Kepware Product Showdown: DataLogger vs. Local Historian Plug-In

Posted by Aron Semle

Process data is important: it’s the fuel for process improvement. As such, there are many tools to record, analyze, and report on process data. KEPServerEX provides two of these tools with the DataLogger and Local Historian plug-ins.