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STEM Skills Grow from Robotic Roots at Maine School

Posted by Cam Dufty

At Acton Elementary School, they’ve added one more “r” to the traditional reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic: Robotics. With help from the Kepware® School Grant Program, Acton students are learning how to create and program complex, autonomous robots—and maybe how to save the world.

Kepware Supports Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals through Extra Life Games

Posted by Candace Letizia

Although I have only recently learned about Extra Life, its goals have really resonated with me. It's a 24-hour event where people across the country play any game they want—from board games to video games to sporting games—and all the money they raise directly supports their chosen Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) Hospital. Since starting in 2008, Extra Life has raised more than $22 million for local CMN Hospitals, enabling them to spend the money in a way that makes the biggest impact in the lives of the kids they treat. 

Connecting Culture and Productivity with Design in a UMaine Lab

Posted by Liz Zimmerman

In the spring of 2015, Kepware was presented with the opportunity to help design a Kepware-inspired lab in the Barrows Engineering Hall at the University of Maine Orono. The Kepware team approached the interior design endeavor as we would any other project that would bear the Kepware name: we collaborated with our phenomenal design team at Workplace Transformation Facilitation, led by Lisa Whited. Thus began the thoughtful approach to designing a space for UMO students that would foster collaboration, promote focus space, and create an engaging learning experience for students—all while utilizing the Kepware aesthetic and passion for a progressively-designed workspace. Kepware’s bright colors, flexible workspaces, and choice in seating and work environment all needed to translate to this learning lab at UMO. Students and faculty needed to feel like they had walked from a hallway in a university building into a space that could be found in our Portland office. 

On the Hunt for Health & Fitness Motivation

Posted by Zeke Pendexter

Here at Kepware, we have a small team of employees that get together and talk about how to motivate people to get active and live a healthy lifestyle. These discussions usually result in organizing a health-related “event” that is open to the entire company. Events include weekly workout classes, seasonal fitness challenges, and—my favorite—scavenger hunts. While the first two are effective in getting people to the Kepware gym, it's the scavenger hunts that attract the most employees and get a lot of buzz in the office.

You may be asking yourself, how can a scavenger hunt motivate people to live a healthy lifestyle? It's a good question. Let me explain by describing our latest event, the Winter Scavenger Hunt.

Achieving Continuous Improvement with Scrum

Posted by Aaron Price

In my previous post, we took an academic look at how Kepware’s development teams leverage the Scrum framework to continuously improve their processes. Today, we’re going to take a deeper dive into what that looks like in practical terms, using one specific team called “Coyote” as an example.

Seeking Self-Actualization in Software Development

Posted by Aaron Price

In the world of Scrum, you sometimes hear about teams being "self-actualized." This term is thrown around by thought leaders and practitioners, but what does it mean? "Self-actualization" refers to teams firing on all cylinders and being a "well-oiled machine"—or in plainer terms, achieving their full potential. The more important question, however, is how do we help teams achieve this elusive, optimal state?

I first heard the term self-actualization when studying psychology in college. There, I learned about the concept of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. In short, it is represented by a pyramid, with a person’s most basic needs at the bottom and most complex and abstract needs at the top.

An Inside Look at How Kepware Builds and Supports Product: Part Two

Posted by Ben Boucher

In last week's post, I introduced four teams that were impacted by Kepware's shift to a new development philosophy and internal structure. Today, I'll describe our two remaining engineering teams and detail how our separate but synchronous development efforts impact Kepware's product release schedule.

An Inside Look at How Kepware Builds and Supports Product: Part One

Posted by Ben Boucher

Over the years, Kepware has grown from an ad-hoc group of engineers working to identify what products would have the biggest impact with our customer base to a formalized structure of teams—each focused on addressing an aspect of the development and maintenance cycle. This evolution came with a cost as it involved discussion of the new structure, retraining to the new paradigm, and personnel dedicated to roles that were previously handled by people wearing multiple hats. In the end, it has proven a worthwhile investment as we are better able to track changes in our customers’ requirements and quickly develop products to meet their needs. Below, I will introduce you to the groups that help Kepware build a world-class communications platform.

Inquiries, Interviews, and Recruitment at Kepware

Posted by Maia Crandall

At Kepware Technologies, “Quality in everything we do” is not only one of our core values—it’s the foundation for how we recruit and retain our esteemed employees. From application to offer letter, we strive to make your experience with us one that accurately reflects Kepware’s unique values, culture, and industry.

Powering Health and Fitness at Kepware

Posted by Greg Wright

Last November, Kepware opened a 1,200 square foot fitness room on the second floor of our headquarters in Portland, Maine. It is a fantastic space! Called "KepGym," it has some really great equipmentincluding treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical trainers, and weight training equipment. It also has an adjacent yoga room with a lot of floor space for stretching or yoga. Early in the morning, during lunch, or after work, you will often find Kepwarians in the KepGym running on the treadmill, lifting weights, or training to their favorite exercise video in the yoga room.