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Smart Manufacturing with KEPServerEX: Industrial Connectivity from the Plant Floor to the Top Floor

Posted by Cam Dufty

Today’s manufacturing plant floor has inherent automation and connectivity challenges. Real-time production control and data analysis requires seamless connectivity across the enterprise—but disparate machinery, devices, and applications can’t always communicate effectively (or at all). Valuable information can be lost in this connectivity gap—at the cost of safety, productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

Bringing Value & Opportunity to the Internet of Things

Posted by Alex Herbert

I recently attended a Kepware company meeting and left excited that we are about to enter the “Wild West” of technology, where opportunities seem endless. I am referring to the Internet of Things (IoT).

As a member of the Sales team, I typically work with folks on the plant floor or "in the trenches” at some of largest companies in the worldand we often lose sight of the big picture. Phrases like the “Internet of Things” are tossed around but not put into practice. As many of us know, these new technologies and ideas take quite some time to become a reality. But as IoT becomes more than just a buzzword, I felt the need to explore this phenomena and how, in a general sense, Kepware may be a key participant. As a sales-oriented individual, I immediately asked myself what value could Kepware bring to the IoT that inherently exposes opportunities?

How Big Data Can Benefit Upstream Oil & Gas Companies

Posted by Steve Sponseller

What’s the saying? One of the keys to success is seeing challenges as opportunities? Practically overnight, the upstream Oil & Gas Industry has faced the challenge of having the value of their product roughly cut in half. Not only are they dealing with less revenue coming in, but their company valuation took a hit too.