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Building Highly-Available Automated Systems with Redundancy

Posted by Ray Labbe

Redundancy is something that every company strives for in their automated process, but is one of the hardest functionalities to implement successfully. Companies across the globe are working with solutions comprised of disparate devices, HMI/SCADA systems, historians, and MES systems—each of which has various support for integrating a redundant solution. As an Applications Engineer at Kepware, I have the privilege of answering the question, “How can we implement a redundant automated solution?”

I’m happy to say that by leveraging Kepware’s portfolio of products, redundancy is possible even for customers with unique environments. One of the tools we provide is Media Level Redundancy, an advanced option for KEPServerEX that is supported in Master drivers and drivers that do not require third-party interface cards or library files. Accessed in KEPServerEX through the driver's Device Properties | Redundancy tab, Media Level Redundancy (MLR) was enhanced in the June 2015 release of KEPServerEX version 5.18.

Polling the Crowd: Kepware's Advanced Tags Plug-In Webinar Results

Posted by Candace Letizia

Click on the image below to view poll results from "Math, Logic, and More with KEPServerEX's Advanced Tags Plug-In," our latest webinar presented by Applications Engineer Sam Elsner. The webinar discussed the features and functionality available in the Advanced Tags Plug-In for KEPServerEX, as well as practical use cases for the various tag types. Learn how your peers handle PLC-to-PLC data exchange and automated logic—and get additional resources including the webinar recording—in the infographic below.

Kepware Product Showdown: LinkMaster vs. Advanced Tags

Posted by Tucker Emerson

Beyond the basic needs for an OPC server, many companies have to move data between applications, devices, and systems. Kepware has two applications that move this data and share similar functionalities: LinkMaster (LM) and Advanced Tags (AT). Neither LinkMaster nor Advanced Tags have a tag limit, and both are equally reliable and work extremely well with any KEPServerEX driver. Deciding which one is right for your application can be tricky, however.