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IoT Sparks Questions and Conversation at HANNOVER MESSE 2015

Posted by Tucker Emerson

HANNOVER MESSE 2015 took place in Hannover, Germany from April 13 to 17 this year and can be described in one word: massive. From the size of the facilities to the number of people in attendance to the special guests—everything was massive. Each year, Deutsch Messe AG hosts one of the world’s biggest industrial fairs, and a few hundred thousand people attend to see exhibitors from all over the world and all walks of industry. With exhibits ranging from dancing robots to mini windfarms—and speakers including Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel and Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi—it is hard to find another show of its magnitude anywhere.

Keep Your Data in the Right Hands

Posted by Tucker Emerson

“With great power, comes great responsibility.”

Although a cheesy quote from a comic book-inspired movie, it is surprisingly relevant to the Automation Industry. As data becomes increasingly valuable, it unfortunately also becomes more vulnerable. From the number of bottles filled in a processing line to the type of soda selected at the movie theater, data is being gathered all around us to provide better analytics and enable improved business decisions. Making sure that this data stays in the appropriate hands can make all the difference.

Kepware Product Showdown: LinkMaster vs. Advanced Tags

Posted by Tucker Emerson

Beyond the basic needs for an OPC server, many companies have to move data between applications, devices, and systems. Kepware has two applications that move this data and share similar functionalities: LinkMaster (LM) and Advanced Tags (AT). Neither LinkMaster nor Advanced Tags have a tag limit, and both are equally reliable and work extremely well with any KEPServerEX driver. Deciding which one is right for your application can be tricky, however.